Euroa Bowls Club

The Euroa Bowls Club is situated on the corner of Turnbull and Templeton Streets Euroa, and is part of the picturesque Seven Creeks Park.

The Club is affiliated with the Goulburn Valley Bowls Division and this season has 3 Pennant teams in each of the Mid Week and Saturday competitions.

Board of Management

President: Max Griffiths   Secretary: Marc Stevens   Treasurer: Greg Blatchford

Directors: Mavis Bruce, Bill Jennings, Tony Kingma, Bill O'Connor.

Bar: Bill O'Connor  Greens: Ken Sutcliffe   Maintenance: David Llewellyn, Len Fischer,Tony Kingma, Bill Jennings.

Catering: Mavis Bruce

Pennant Selectors

Mid Week: Margaret Goode, Nola Boz, Dot Lomer, Mary Steen, Tony Kingma.

Saturday: Brian Diffey, David Cerini, Tony Kingma, Eric Sellenger, Wayne Tiller.

Tournament Secretaries

Midweek: Libby Byrne

Weekend:  Ken Sutcliffe, Eric Sellenger